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"The task of the interviewer remains the same: to guide rather than to motivate.  The subject paddles, the interviewer steers."

-Peter Gzowski

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1-Minute Lesson In Structured Interviewing

What is the sense of interviewing, assessing and offering a candidate a position if the candidate will not accept?  Therefore the goal of the interview is not only to evaluate the candidate but to also help the candidate understand why this would be a great career opportunity.

Here is a simple structure that will accomplish this two-fold goal:

  • Take a few minutes to explain who you are, what your role is in the company and why you are excited to work there.
  • Inform the candidate that you will spend the next 30-45 minutes asking them questions but will leave 10 minutes at the end of the interview so that they can ask their own questions.
  • Ask the questions necessary to assess the candidate's competency.
  • As promised, ensure that enough time is allotted at the end of the interview to ask any questions the candidate might have.
  • Thank the candidate for their time, and make sure that the next interviewer is ready for them.   If you are the last interviewer, walk the candidate to the door.

This simple guide will not only help you assess the candidate, but it will help increase the likelihood that the candidate will accept an offer should you decide to extend one.