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Why CTSearch?

To find highly qualified technical talent, CTSearch successfully leverages an extensive network of contacts, accrued during the past 20 years, along with high tech automated search tools such as:

  • Contact Management System, with over 7,300 contacts
  • Over 2,500 LinkedIn direct connections with access to over 5,200,000 contacts
  • A portfolio of over 1,000,000 resumes

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Connection. Technology. Search. CTSearch successfully uses technology to search for and connect highly qualified candidates with exciting and rewarding client opportunities.

As Tom Callahan, Managing Director at Vantage Partners said, “Sandy is one of the most knowledgeable recruiters in the industry.  His ability to combine sophisticated and effective recruiting techniques with bleeding edge technology makes him extremely valuable to his clients.  His ability to access top talent in an efficient manner is unparalleled.”

Other Search Resources

In addition to the extensive search resources listed above, we also have automated access to over 300 databases including: