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“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”

-Henry Hartman


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Successful Interview Strategy
So you have taken the time and energy to interview for a new position.  Will this be the place to hang your hat for the next several years?  Will this be the right manager to work for and the right project to work on?
Resigning With Style And Dignity
There are right and wrong ways of resigning from your job.   Doing it the wrong way can lead to negative feelings between you and your employer and possibly a bad reference.
Sample Resignation Letter
A simple resignation letter that can be easily personalized and customized.
The Truth About Counter Offers
You attempt to resign from your current company. Oops! It doesn't go as smoothly as you planned. Your boss is upset about losing you and presents you with a counteroffer.
How To Start Successfully With A New Company
When you begin a new job, you want to impress your co-workers and bosses. Follow these 7 tips to ensure a successful start.