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"The task of the interviewer remains the same: to guide rather than to motivate.  The subject paddles, the interviewer steers."

-Peter Gzowski

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1 Minute Lesson In Structured Interviewing
What is the sense of interviewing, assessing and offering a candidate a position if the candidate will not accept?   Therefore the goal of the interview is not only to evaluate the candidate but to also help the candidate understand why this would be a great career opportunity.
5 Minute Lesson In Behavioral Interviewing
The premise of behavioral interviewing is that past behavior can predict future behavior.   This approach requires the interviewer to explore a candidate's “soft”, non-technical skills like the ability to effectively communicate, effectiveness as part of a team and the ability to solve problems, to name a few.
Independent Contractor vs. Employee
Who is an independent contractor?  Who is an employee?  There are a number of ways to tell the difference.