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“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”

-Henry Hartman


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Successful Interview Strategy

So you have taken the time and energy to interview for a new position. Will this be the place to hang your hat for the next several years?  Will this be the right manager to work for and the right project to work on? How about compensation?   Will they give you a fair offer?

All of these are great questions that need to be answered prior to accepting an offer.  But remember...this is only an interview.  You can't even consider the opportunity if the company does not make an offer.  Therefore your strategy for the interview is simple. Get an offer!

Going into the interview, assume that you want the job, and act as if you do.  Be as positive as possible by showing interest in the company and the position.  Nobody wants to offer a job to someone who shows a lack of interest.

During the interview, focus on doing your best to answer all of the interviewer's questions rather than on analyzing the viability of the position.

If the interviewer asks about compensation, give them the following information:
  • Your current salary
  • The date of your last increase
  • Mention that you are open to a fair, competitive offer

After the interview you can start evaluating the pros's and cons of the new opportunity.  Just remember...it is not a career option until you received an offer.